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For the Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder in Adults1

Citalopram Capsules 30 mg

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Citalopram Capsules 30 mg provides an additional dosing option between 20 mg and 40 mg.

Bottle of 30 mg Citalopram Capsules

Important Safety Information

Please see additional IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION below.

10 mg + 10 mg + 10 mg = Citalopram Capsules 30 mg

Reduce your patients' pill burden

You can replace multiple tablets per day with a single Citalopram 30 mg capsule.

Prescribing Citalopram Capsules 30 mg1

  • Do not initiate treatment with Citalopram Capsules; use another citalopram product for initial dosage titration or dosages other than 30 mg once daily
  • Administer once daily with or without food
  • When discontinuing Citalopram Capsules, reduce dose gradually. Gradual dosage reduction will require use of another citalopram product
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Eligible insured patients pay as little as $10/month for
Citalopram Capsules 30 mg*

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